Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Clinic Hyderabad

Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Clinic

About Dhanwantari(God of medicine) Ayurvedic Therapy :

The original conception of Ayurveda in its entirety is essentially linked to Dhanwantari who is considered as God of Hindu Medicine. Dhanwantari is considered a mythical deity born with ambrosia in one hand and Ayurveda on the other at the end of the churning of milk ocean. He reincarnated himself in the Chandra dynasty. He was born to King Dhanwa, learnt Ayurveda from Bharadwaja. His great grandson Divodasa was also known as Dhanwantari, but was specialised only in surgical branch of Ayurveda. Sushruta, is said to have learnt the art of science of surgery from Divodasa Dhanwantara.