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Saraja's Ayurvedic Hospital Hyderabad.Saraja's Ayurvedic Speciality Clinic and Kshara sutra center is established with the main aim of providing specialized treatments in the fields of Ayurvedic surgery and gynaecology. We work with the motto of " sarve santu niramaya" which means " let the mankind be free from diseases". We treat the diseases based on the principles of Ayurveda under the lime light of modern science. Speciality treatments offered :

2.Fistula in ano and pilonidal sinus.
3.PAINLESS removal of warts.
4.UTTARA VASTI and MATRA VASTI for infertility and gynaec disorders.

The Doctor's

about saraja's ayurveda Hyderabad
The gold medalist in MS (Ay).


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  • Dr. G.Venkateswarlu

    MS (Ay) (gold medal)

    Ayurvedic Proctologist and Kshara sutra Specialist.

    p no 9299900129

    Mail id- drvenkat.bharadwaj@gmail.com

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  • Dr. B. L. Saraja

    MS (Ay) OBG

    Ayurvedic Gyneacologist and Infertility Specialis.

    p no 7207356840

    Mail id- leela.brundavanam@gmail.com

Why our treatment ?

1.  Prevention and Wellness


2. The healing power of nature


3. Always identify and treat the cause


4. First do no harm


5. The Doctor as Teacher