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Best Ayurvedic Clinic Saraja's Testimonial

  • K. Jagapathy Raju

    I have sufferred with Sub scrotal complicated fistula for two years. I underwent surgeries twice at New Castle Hospital ,London , but still teh problem has recurred. I came to India and enquired about better solutions and eventually visited the website and met the doctor. I have been treated with Modified Ksharasutra Technique and now Iam perfectly fit and resumed my duties at London. I am very happy and always thankful to Dr.Saraja's Ayurvedic Speciality Clinic. The follow ups were very regular and the doctor took special interest in my case and was constantly advising do's and don'ts so that the wound heals better. Thanks to the Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.

  • Sangeetha Srivastav:

    I was suffering with anal fistula since one and a half year. I was operated at Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital but the problem has recurred.I really suffered a lot and finally visited Dr. G. Venkateswarlu who is expert in Kshara Sutra Technique. After the treatment I got complete relief. Thanks to Dr. Venkateswarlu "Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.

  • Papanna:

    I am a driver in APSRTC and have been suffering from anal fistula since two months. When I consulted RTC hospital they explained about recurrence and advised to go for Ksharasutra treatment.One of the specialist doctors advised me to consult Dr. Saraja's Ayurvedic Clinic. I went there and got treated with Kshara sutra. With regular follow ups and constant advises of the doctors at the clinic, I am now alright and attending my regular work without any further problems. Thankyou Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.

  • Mr. Raju

    Hi I am Raju. I have anal fistula for which I have used homeopathy medicine for one year. Still I had no relief. later I came to know about Dr. Venkateswarlu from my neighbour and consulted him. He explained me very well about the disease and the treatment procedure. I underwent Ksharasutra therapy and got relieved from my problem. along with the procedure, oral medication also helped a lot for the improvement in appetite, pain relief and general strength. I would definitely recommend Dr. Saraja's Ayurvedic Speciality Clinic for those who are suffering with this problem. Thank you Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.


  • Venkateswara Rao :

    I am 57 yrs old and i am suffering with non healing ulcer at left heel region. It was diagnosed as TAO(Peripheral Arterial Disease). I tried many allopathic medicines but the wound was not healed. One of my friends has advised to visit Dr. Saraja's Ayurvedic Clinic. There the doc advised orsal medication and leech therapy. With two months of treatment , my wound is completely healed and blocks in the arteries were reduced. I am very happy and I really admire ayurvedic treatment and suggest every one to go with it.Thank you Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic

  • Mr. Akanksh

    I am 23 yrs old and was working as a software employee at USA. Due to improper food habits and the climate variations, I have developed gastritis. Later I came to India and visited Apollo Hospital and was diagnosed to have been suffering from Mal Absorption Syndrome with lactogen intolerance. Having took the treatment I had no relief. Finally I consulted Dr. Venkateswarlu. With his dietic advises and oral medications, I got tremendous relief. Now I am absolutely normal and suggest the patients with Gastric problems to consult Dr. Venkateswarlu at Dr. Saraja's Ayurvedic Speaciality Clinic.Thanks Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.

  • Mrs. Reema:

    I am working as a software engineer and has been suffering with chronic anal fissure and stenosis. I have tried many allopathic medicines but got no relief. I visited the website and consulted Dr. Venkateswarlu. I got complete relief with his treatment and able to continue with my regular duties which was previously very difficult. I am very thankful to the Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic Hyderabad.


  • Renuka

    I am working as a nurse in an allopathic hospital. I was diagnosed as a case of HbSAg positive. I took allopathic treatment for one month and could not continue due to higher costs. Finally with my friends advise, I consulted Dr. Venkateswarlu and took treatment for 6 months and to my surprise, the tests after treament were negative to HbSAg. Now my appetite is increased and other symptoms like fatigue and indigestion etc., have completely reduced. I am really grateful to the doctor.

  • Mr. P. Sudarshan :

    I am working as a conductor in APSRTC. I was suffering with swelling, itching and blackish discoloration of both feet. The condition was diagnosed as Varicose veins. Having known Dr. Venkateswarlu, I have consulted him and within no time, I got relieved of my symptoms and now I am able to attend my regular work. Thanks to Dr. Venkateswarlu Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic and I wish him All success in his life.

  • Mr. Keshava Reddy:

    I was suffering from anal fistula since so long. I used homeo medicine for many days and got no relief. On a friend's advise, I met Dr. Venkateswarlu at Dr. Saraja's Ayurvedic Speciality Clinic and got treated with Ksharasutra therapy. I was very much impressed with the way doctor counselled and the care he took till the wound is healed. Now I got complete relief from my problem. Thanks Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.

  • Mr. Anjani Krishna

    I am 23 yrs old and was suffering with chronic fissure and inter sphincteric fistula. I have consulted a general surgeon and he advised to go for Ksharasutra treatment and referred to Dr. G. Venkateswarlu. I have consulted the doctor at Dr. Saraja's Ayurvedic Speciality Clinic and got Ksharasutra treatment. With regular follow ups and oral medications all my symptoms were reduced and now I am absolutely free from my problem. I feel that Ksharasutra is the best treatment for Anal fistulas.Thanks Saraja's Best Ayurvedic clinic.